What are you NOT willing to leave undone today? … and in your life!

What are you NOT doing right NOW?

What are you NOT doing right NOW?

As much as I hate to admit, at times I have been known to procrastinate. Being a person who strives for excellence, I like to do things really well. Procrastinating is not one of them!

So this month I went on a bit of a journey, dug deep and figured out how to STOP procrastinating (YAY!) and then I got super motivated. And now I want to share my findings with you.

This month’s newsletter is going to take you on a journey (so grab a coffee – or espresso – and sink in!) to the root of procrastination and give you tips on how you can stop procrastinating too. Read to the end where I am giving you my ‘5 Steps To STOP Procrastinating and Start Doing the Things You Are Not Willing to Leave Undone!’ When you follow these steps you can start doing the things that really matter to you today and in YOUR LIFE!

Picasso was no slouch!

Picasso was no slouch!

This Autumn I had the good fortune of vacationing along the southern shores of Spain and France. A highlight for me, in addition to munching on melt in your mouth croissants and sipping silky espresso, was a visit to the Musée Picasso in the charming resort town of Antibes. What a treat!

Can you guess what I discovered? …  Continue reading

Is over thinking robbing your creativity?

Over thinking robs creativity

This is what over thinking can look like!

Is your head so full of information some days it feels as though it’s going to explode? (Metaphorically speaking of course!)

Have you lost your sense of intuition and creative spirit?

Looking back, have you ever said something you vowed to never say again? Then hear yourself saying, “Urgh!! I said it again!!” ?

Ever wonder what is going on? 

Without getting too technical (as this is not rocket science) these are indications of a mindbody ‘split’. Read my newsletter below with a personal story of how my mind and body felt like they were split apart with just ONE word – and how I learnt a practice to reconnect – and how you can too!

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Unable to focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes – or seconds?! The reason could be your analytical ‘thinking’ mind is on overdrive. I know as this was once a huge issue in my life. Continue reading

How to Have Your Best Year Yet!

Happy_New_Yes_2015.jpg_1Seasons Greetings! Are you seriously ready for Your Best Year Yet in 2015?

As the year winds down I would like to share a few final tips for 2014 that I know you are going to love. Scroll down to get powerful: “7 Steps to March into 2015 Motivated, Empowered and Energized!”


First ask yourself….
What did you do well in 2014 that you want to bring forward into 2015?

This is possibly THE most important factor to success. By noticing what you do well and continuing to do it can – and will make a huge difference going forward in any situation! What you did well this year can be the difference that makes the biggest difference in your performance today, tomorrow and throughout the year.

I had a really challenging year. Taking care of my aging father with dementia on a daily basis and then selling his house meant having to put my business on hold for many months. Once my Dad was moved in a personal care home and his house was sold I found it difficult to get my momentum going. I let the pressures of everyday living get to me. I felt exhausted and worn out.

It was only when I recalled an exercise I did late the year before (like it is now) where I anchored in a resourceful state of being resilient under pressure that I remembered…

I am resilient!

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fully embodying and anchoring a resourceful state of being resilient was the difference that made a huge difference for me this year. I am bringing this factor forward into 2015 with my intention to have my Best Year Yet!

If you are not are on your way to making 2015 your Best Year Yet!

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Here is my step by step success method: 7 Steps to March Into 2015 Motivated, Empowered and Energized!
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Is your confidence steady or wobbly?


“Confidence comes from discipline and training.”― Robert Kiyosaki

Do you wake up every morning feeling steady and confident? Like a ship at sea, sails trimmed, straight on course? And no matter what comes at you do you stay feeling super confident all day?

Or do you wake up some days not feeling confident at all. Maybe you wake up feeling a bit wobbly? Or your day starts off ok but your confidence is knocked sideways in certain situations, with certain people leaving you feeling off balance and not yourself?

When you lose confidence it means there’s been a physical and mental shift in your internal state. This process is both complex and mysterious. Even the most brilliant neuroscientists on the planet have not discovered how our minds and bodies operate – yet!

In the meantime, to help simplify things I am going to give you some tips that you can use anytime to get yourself out of a wobbly state and back to feeling confident. Once you do the steps you can be confident in a snap!

To your success!


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” ― Henry David Thoreau

Not paying attention to your internal state is like throwing caution to the wind

How many times throughout your day do you pause and ask yourself, “How am I feeling now?” My guess is for most people – not very often and for some people rarely if ever.

If you knew just how important paying attention to your state was to the quality of your life, health and happiness– would you do it? Continue reading

Being Resilient Under Pressure

“Life is extraordinarily resilient. It’s been around for over a billion years.” – Geoffrey West

Resilient by nature

Resilient by nature

This month’s newsletter is a personal story about caring for a loved one with a health challenge. At the end I share with you self-coaching skills to stay resilient under pressure.

My 83 year old Dad was recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Being his Power of Attorney means handling his affairs from financial to medical – and nearly everything else in between

If you know someone supporting a loved one with dementia please share this with them. Newsletter sign up.

Want to change how you respond to daily pressures? Learn to master your state, get skills to reduce conflict and improve your relationships, live the life you truly want – be confident and authentic! Join me on the next NLP Practitioner Training Course in Winnipeg, August 2014. Early booking prices are still available and will increase each month — book now to get the best rate.

You may think dementia will not touch you personally. I sincerely hope it never does. Regardless of what is going on in your life right now – read my story. Continue reading

The Power of Seconds

What a blast we had at the NLP Cafe this month! A great mix of people from many different walks of life and business came together for a fun evening of networking and state building. The energy was high and the room a buzz of conversation and laughter.

This snapshot demonstrates a New Code NLP process called ‘Walking with X and Y’ where you get to select two resourceful states you want in a future context. It’s great for building a confident state for presenting or public speaking, interviewing for a new job, writing exams and improving your performance in really any situation in your life.

Demonstrating a New Code NLP anchoring process

Demo’ing a New Code NLP process

My guest for the demo was Monika Thurn und Taxis, an actor and artist here in Winnipeg. Monika selected the two states of ‘confident and calm’ for performing in impromptu situations. The exercise takes about 15 minutes and works by physically anchoring two desired states into the body and mind. The next time Monika enters a situation where she does not have time to prepare – she is going to respond the way she wants – confident and calmin seconds!!

At the beginning of each NLP Cafe there is a networking exericse. The NLP Cafe is a great place to meet new people (some people come just for the networking – it’s that good!). And it’s when the group gets a chance to practice some rapport building skills.

Observing the group during the networking, I was pleasantly reminded of the ‘power of seconds’. What I mean is how in only seconds, people can shift from being fearful to friendly and having fun using simple yet powerful rapport building skills.

Rapport skills are a foundational set of skills coded in the original Classic Code field of NLP dating back to the early 1970’s which if you do the math, NLP has been on the planet for over 40 years! And yet I am still amazed to discover how many people are new to NLP concepts and techniques like building rapport or may have taken some NLP training and forget to use their rapport skills in everyday life.

Sign up for the Be Yourself Coach newsletter and recieve your free copy of ‘How To Get Rapport Quickly and How to Test It’.


“Lost time is never found again.” -Benjamin Franklin

So what does the power of seconds have to do with rapport and changing your state? Continue reading

How Are You Using Your Power of Charisma?

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy one of the longest, coldest and snowiest winters on record!

 Charismatic and natural

Charismatic and natural

Personally, I like winter as it is a great time to reflect, decide what’s missing, and learn new skills to close the gaps that can make a big difference in my life.

One area my clients want to close gaps on is how they communicate. They want to be understood, they want to be more natural, more authentic, more charismatic. Yet they get stuck, stumble on their words, feel incongruent or hold back out of fear of being rejected or misunderstood.

If you want to get unstuck, feel congruent, be more interesting and charismatic my training partner Jeff Skinner, Actor and Owner of Actors’ Training Centre of Manitoba (ATCMB) and I are hosting a workshop entitled “Focusing Your Charisma”. Workshop dates: May 26, June 2, June 9, 2014, 6pm – 10pm

Early booking deadline is May 1, 2014. Secure your space now!

This newsletter is on how you can learn to tap into your own natural charisma to communicate more clearly, congruently and authentically. Continue reading

Is Awareness Really the Secret?

Have you found yourself saying something or doing something lately you really, really regret? Is this a pattern for you? And are you trying anything to stop yourself doing this like trying to increase your awareness through meditating? — and maybe it’s not doing the trick for you? At least not as well or is short lived?

In my experience doing meditation does raise awareness to my breathing and I find it relaxing and calming. Yet, it does not go much further than that. And that’ s ok with me.

And I know some days you want more. You want to stop the silly pattern you have of repeating doing or saying what you swore you would never do it again!

In this month’s newsletter I will share what I have learnt about what’s beyond awareness and the missing piece of the puzzle – so you say what you mean and mean what you say. Where you can be more confident, more authentic, and you can truly be yourself! Continue reading

From Stressed to ‘X’ This Christmas

Excited, delighted, curious is how I felt stepping into the recording studio at CJOB last Sunday to be interviewed by Stephanie Staples, Your Life Unlimited! Stephanie is an empowered woman with a rock solid intention to spread a message of inspiration, insight and ideas for success, empowerment and personal growth to audiences around the world. Check out Stephanie’s blog, sign up for her newsletter on Your Life Unlimited website and catch the recording from Sunday’s show where Stephanie shares an important message about relationships and I give you steps for managing your state during the Holidays.

For many people the Holiday Season is a blast! Fun, Fun, Fun!!

And for many the Holidays are stressful. Trying to get everything ‘right’ and socializing from a place of duty versus desire is NOT fun!

To complicate things, many baby boomers are burdened with caring for their aging parents as well as their own families. It’s easy to see how overwhelm can quickly take root.

If this scenario sounds familiar – you are not alone… Continue reading

Is Your Mood Dropping Like a Leaf?


Fall leaves_webIt seems when leaves change in the fall time so do some peoples’ moods… I have been hearing a lot of people saying they are feeling more stressed lately.

Now I am curious ….What do changes in nature have to do with moods? And I wonder…what is the difference that makes the difference that only some people feel stressed?

This week’s newsletter is on how seasonal changes may trigger stress and how to shift your state to staying healthy and happy.

I encourage you to read to the end for tips on how to quickly shift your state from stressed to relaxed, happy, focused, motivated!

You get to choose the state that is right for you – and show the world who you really are – your authentic self! Continue reading