Beautiful Abstract flying Dandelion seeds

SavLove it or not, change is necessary for growth. Change is also the leverage to increasing the quality of life we live. Without frequent updates career advancements pass by; gardens wither; and relationships fizzle out.


“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Benjamin Franklin

In some situations, good is good enough. Mediocrity is fairly easy to achieve by repeating patterns, over and over and over.

Creating higher quality experiences demands an entirely different mindset. Knowing when to relax into the mundane and when to risk changing status quo is the key.

Who are you when it comes to change? Are you like a seed riding the wind? Radical game changer?
Or, the mighty oak? Slow growing and steadfast?

Change won’t happen by repeating the same patterns day in, day out. Our brains love to repeat patterns. Patterns are like dominoes toppling. Stopping the first domino is the leverage point that opens a pathway to change. Stopping the first domino requires a radical shift. A shift from tree to seed.

Start with making minor shifts in everyday practices.

Here’s my “6 Practices for Making Small Shifts in Preparation for Big Changes”:

1. Shift Into New Energies:

Change disrupts balance in the body. Prepare your body for the disruption. Learn how to tap into your optimum energy cycles. Record the times of day you feel physically and mentally your best. Schedule time during this time of day to explore making changes.

2. Shift Into New Focuses:
Stop avoiding the most difficult tasks. Eat the frog first. Brian Tracy says “Your frog should be the most difficult thing on your ‘to do list’.” Identify the frogs in your life, then ask ‘what’s stopping you?’ from eating the frogs first?

3. Shift Into New Patterns:
Research using rats indicated that a learned pattern remains in the brain even after the behavior is extinguished. Rather than forcing out a deeply ingrained habit, store it and find five or six new ways. This trains your brain to change more easily.

4. Shift Into New Responses:
Behaviours are learned responses to external influences. Virginia Satir, American psychologist and family counsellor said, “The problem is not the problem. It’s how you respond to the problem that’s the problem”. Responses are like martial arts. Set time aside daily to practice new moves.

5. Shift Into New Experiences:
Stop thinking and start doing. Seek new experiences. Start small. Every new step is a quantum leap forward.

6. Shift Into New Finishes:
Congratulations! You read to the end. Finishing what you start is one of the smallest shifts you can make as you’re preparing for making big changes.

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