Welcome to 2016 !! ….day two.

Yes, that’s right – day one, January 1, 2016 has already passed. And except for distant memories of your special and meaningful moments – all 365 days of last year are also now permanently gone.

Every passing day is like the feathery wisps on a warm wind

Every passing day is like the feathery wisps on a warm wind

Every passing day is like the feathery wisps on a warm wind. Once dispersed, will never be truly felt, seen, or heard again in the same way as you first experienced.
“Every time we remember something, that memory is altered.” Greg Miller, PhD, Neuroscience at Stanford University.

However, even though memories are elusive and forever changing, we can still gain insights by searching for the lessons and learnings.

As you reflect back on 2015, seeing yourself in your infinite images of past experiences and events what catches your eye? What memories are you celebrating? Was 2015 sparkly and bright? Or is a thick haze clouding your vision?

Taking a few moments to reflect back on the passing of each year in your life is really important. For without reflection, how can you capture pivotal learnings? How can you shine a light on what you did well and want to keep doing? And how do you know what you can do in the future to stretch yourself and dive deeper and reach higher so you can live more authentically, lovingly and abundantly?

So you can capture those pivotal moments of 2015, I want you to take a brief moment right now to check back on all your wonderful 365 wisps of wind from last year. Pause and reflect – take a few more minutes and let yourself really sink in.

Notice….what feelings are surfacing for you right now?

Are you feeling totally happy? Totally satisfied? Perhaps both happy and satisfied? Do you feel you had a great year and you want more of the same only of a higher quality? Perhaps you are feeling ready for something entirely new and exciting in 2016?

Or are you wishing your life was much, much different?

Whether you are seeking something entirely new and different – or you are on the edge of reaching for your next level of success in your life and business – ask yourself the following important question….

Is 2016 finally your year of transformation?

Is 2016 finally your year of transformation?

Is 2016 finally THE year you decide to take a deep dive forward and stretch your wings in pursuit of finding your best and true self?

If you answered YES– truthfully does this mean what I think it means? Are you seriously ready to plunge into a transformational journey in 2016?

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