Are you living on auto-pilot? Where your thoughts are not aligned with your actions?

Are you living on auto-pilot? Where your thoughts are not aligned with your actions?

Are you living on auto-pilot?

Where your thoughts and words are not aligned with your actions –leaving you feeling disconnected with your true authentic self?

For many people this disconnect has been happening so long they don’t remember what it’s  like to be themselves.

If this resonates with you, you may be asking yourself, “HOW did I get here?”

…and “HOW can I get back to being my true authentic self?”

I know for many of you reading this right now you’re running on auto-pilot. Every day you go through the motions starting from early morning to bedtime. Doing a job where you feel you’ve lost the connection with who you are, don’t feel valued and don’t feel connected with the people you serve.

Maybe you’re using your natural talents to the max and you’d love to explore new options and choices. You want to make a massive shift in your life, yet you’ve lost a connection with your passion and don’t know HOW to get it back….?

When your thinking you’re in a conscious state of mind. Your actions and behaviours however are generally generated from tacit knowledge, from your unconscious and are more robotic. When these two systems, conscious thoughts/inner voice and unconscious actions/behaviours are not supporting one another – an internal incongruency occurs and can quickly highjack your ability to perform well.

Over time, internal incongruency leads to feeling off-balance, feeling not yourself and a really deep disconnect with your true self. Some say they feel so disconnected, the words “Who am I?” ring true.

I know how this feels. For many years, even decades, I was not living authentically. My words and thoughts were not aligned with my actions and behaviours. Most days I felt off balance and yet for the most part I was unaware of how this disconnect was creating an incongruency between my conscious and my unconscious. And over time my internal incongruency negatively impacted my overall well-being.

I was completely unaware! Looking back I could have benefited from someone who cared enough to point me in a different direction so I could get re-aligned. Yet no one ever offered to show me how!

Those days are over!

Now I am on a mission to share the practical tools I use from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] every single day to stop living on auto-pilot, stay congruent and start feeling aligned once again! – and you can to. One step at a time.

Here’s one tip to help you get started…

Whenever you are speaking or having a chit-chat with yourself notice how your body feels. You can do this by stopping your inner dialogue, while still maintaining a conversation, or you may want to excuse yourself and step aside to do this.

How would you describe the feelings? Are the feelings pleasant? Do you feel a sense of flow and calmness? Maybe you feel edgy in a deliriously exciting way? Or do you feel tight, tense and short of breath?

Next describe your feelings in colours. Are your feelings brilliant, radiant, omnipresent? Or is the colour dark and dense?

Typically (not always), when feelings are associated with colours that are bright and sensations that are enjoyable it is a sign you are congruent. And when feelings are associated with dark, opaque colours and a sense of feeling stuck you are being incongruent.

Your body works like a weather-vane giving you signals to get your attention. The key is to NOTICE your feelings, self-calibrate and if you are not congruent – STOP yourself – and ask, “Am I being true to myself right now?”.

If you are in conversation, stop and correct yourself by saying something like, “Actually, that is not what I want to say. Let me start again. What I want to say is…..”.

Practice this step today and every day forward. This is one more step in your journey to mastering your life.

“Mastering your life is like climbing infinite mountains in pursuit of higher quality experiences hidden beyond the peaks.” ~Jacquie Nagy

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