How Are You Using Your Power of Charisma?

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy one of the longest, coldest and snowiest winters on record!

 Charismatic and natural

Charismatic and natural

Personally, I like winter as it is a great time to reflect, decide what’s missing, and learn new skills to close the gaps that can make a big difference in my life.

One area my clients want to close gaps on is how they communicate.  They want to be understood, they want to be more natural, more authentic, more charismatic. Yet they get stuck, stumble on their words, feel incongruent or hold back out of fear of being rejected or misunderstood.

If you want to get unstuck, feel congruent, be more interesting and charismatic my training partner Jeff Skinner, Actor and Owner of Actors’ Training Centre of Manitoba (ATCMB) and I are hosting a workshop entitled  “Focusing Your Charisma”.  Workshop dates: May 26, June 2, June 9, 2014,  6pm – 10pm

Early booking deadline is May 1, 2014. Secure your space now!

This newsletter is on how you can learn to tap into your own natural charisma to communicate more clearly, congruently and authentically.  Continue reading

Is Awareness Really the Secret?

Have you found yourself saying something or doing something lately you really, really regret?  Is this a pattern for you?  And are you trying anything to stop yourself doing this like trying to increase your awareness through meditating?  — and maybe it’s not doing the trick for you?  At least not as well or is short lived?

In my experience doing meditation does raise awareness to my breathing and I find it relaxing and calming.  Yet, it does not go much further than that.  And that’ s ok with me.

And I know some days you want more.  You want to stop the silly pattern you have of repeating doing or saying what you swore you would never do it again!

In this month’s newsletter I will share what I have learnt about what’s beyond awareness and the missing piece of the puzzle – so you say what you mean and mean what you say.  Where you can be more confident, more authentic, and you can truly be yourself!  Continue reading

From Stressed to ‘X’ This Christmas

Excited, delighted, curious is how I felt stepping into the recording studio at CJOB last Sunday to be interviewed by Stephanie Staples, Your Life Unlimited!  Stephanie is an empowered woman with a rock solid intention to spread a message of inspiration, insight and ideas for success, empowerment and personal growth to audiences around the world. Check out Stephanie’s blog, sign up for her newsletter on Your Life Unlimited website and catch the recording from Sunday’s show where Stephanie shares an important message about relationships and I give you steps for managing your state during the Holidays.

For many people the Holiday Season is a blast! Fun, Fun, Fun!!

And for many the Holidays are stressful. Trying to get everything ‘right’ and socializing from a place of duty versus desire is NOT fun!

To complicate things, many baby boomers are burdened with caring for their aging parents as well as their own families.  It’s easy to see how overwhelm can quickly take root.

If this scenario sounds familiar – you are not alone…  Continue reading

Is Your Mood Dropping Like a Leaf?


Fall leaves_webIt seems when leaves change in the fall time so do some peoples’ moods… I have been hearing a lot of people saying they are feeling more stressed lately.

Now I am curious ….What do changes in nature have to do with moods?  And I wonder…what is the difference that makes the difference that only some people feel stressed?

This week’s newsletter is on how seasonal changes may trigger stress and how to shift your state to staying healthy and happy.

I encourage you to read to the end for tips on how to quickly shift your state from stressed to relaxed, happy, focused, motivated!

You get to choose the state that is right for you – and show the world who you really are – your authentic self!  Continue reading

10 Tips to Avoid Ending At The Starting Point

I’m back! Following nearly three months overseas travelling and living out my version of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” – I’m happy to be home in wonderful Winnipeg.


Looking out to sea in Cascais

I visited some amazing places…Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, and several cities in Portugal. I also discovered some ordinary places.

Soon after returning home, I noticed a sense of settling, tranquility and peace. It felt like being on the edge of falling into old habits, patterns of thinking, and performing.

Having come so far, I did NOT want to end up at my starting point. I needed to take action quickly!

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

The topic of my newsletter this month is how a “Hero’s Journey” can be a rewarding and life changing experience. And, if you are not paying attention you can end up right where you started.  Continue reading

NLP and Relationships – Enhancing Your Relationships Using NLP

In this week’s interview I am going to be talking to a coachee and now friend of mine – Irina Mikhalitsina, FastStartCoach, NLP Certified Master Practitioner – who is going to be sharing with us her insights into using and applying NLP when it comes to her relationships – from a practical standpoint.

This is a short audio interview so just click on the link below to access the interview immediately.

[Interview] Enhancing Your Relationships Using NLP – with Irina Mikhalitsina >>

Doing Things Better With Anita Roddick – A Personal Story

It’s International Women’s day on March 8th – a day of celebration and sharing of love towards women in recognition of their economic, political and social achievements. For my newsletter this week, I thought I’d write about a woman who was a role model for me starting out in my own business, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

I met Anita personally on a trip she made to Winnipeg when I was Sales Manager for The Body Shop at Home. Anita had the ability to motivate others through her endearing stories and down to earth work ethics. She was a leader who paved new roads in the cosmetics industry, was the first to prohibit testing on animals, and to promote fair trade. Since Anita’s passing in 2007, hundreds of thousands of women around the world will continue to benefit from the business paths she carved. I certainly benefitted from her company and am grateful to have known her personally.

You can watch and listen to an earlier interview of Anita Here >>

Anita Roddick was a mentor and a model to thousands of women around the world. She demonstrated how a woman with an idea, a willingness to put themselves out there and the tenacity to carry on when things got tough could be successful in business. She modeled how to be a savvy entrepreneur while maintaining the basic human and community values that she felt were missing in the corporate world.

Working for The Body Shop for eight years was an experience that I will always cherish. Those years were a launch pad for starting my own business. In 1996 my husband Robin was transferred to the N.W. Ontario town of Rainy River, pop. 1,000. Situated on the south shore of Lake of the Woods we thought it would be a wonderful place to live. Making the move meant being brave and taking a big risk as I had to quit a secure corporate career. At the time, I had a head full of business ideas and saw the move as a huge opportunity to start my own business.

Practicing a kinder gentler way of doing business …. get the whole story by signing up my newsletter >>

Do All Leaders ‘Walk the Talk’ When It Comes To Interpersonal Skills?

Leaders with highly developed interpersonal skills and strengths are more apt to deliver better financial results according to recent research at Cornell University. This recent study points out that soft skills such as “self-awareness” can be the difference that makes the difference in being a model of excellence in business.

Is there a voice in your head asking HOW do the ‘best of the best’ leaders perform consistently, day in and day out? What’s their secret?

Most leaders will attend at least one personal development course each year. However, marketing practices in the personal development industry are like bottom trawling for fish. Both use non-selective methods, casting a wide net in an effort to ‘catch’ anything that moves. Fish have no choice in the matter. Humans on the other hand can decide whether they want to jump into the net or keep swimming.

Too many options means deciding which choice is better can be confusing. Most people say they find one good seed with each book, CD, seminar or executive coaching session. However unless that seed is planted really deep where self awareness resides there’s little chance of any new growth occurring.

What if the secret was as simple as self application? What if by becoming acutely aware of how your own body and mind works and using select interpersonal skills you could activate the performance you want to be an excellent leader? How helpful would it be if you could design an authentic self leadership plan that works?

Learning how to be more self aware and using techniques to activate the resources you need to act excellently in any situation can be the ‘difference that makes the difference’ in your performance. Finding tools and techniques that when applied to self – work, means no matter what the context you will have access to more resourceful states to perform ‘on the spot’ with excellence.

How soon do you want to make a quantum leap to learn to be self aware, discover your authentic self and utilize state management skills that work for you ‘on the spot’?

Be daring. Be first. Be different. Be self aware. ‘Be Your Self Leader’.

Who Let the Dog Out?

Business owners ought to be aware of how important their state of mind is especially when the place of business is in their home.

Not long ago, I was sitting in my dining room in a deeply creative ‘flow’ state writing content for a new workshop. Without warning, I heard a loud “bark” and our 105lb Labrador Retriever went charging to the front door. Still in a deeply focused state I assumed it was my son, let the dog out and headed to the kitchen to start dinner.

Several seconds passed before I heard a man’s voice say, “Hello?”.

“You’re home early!” I shouted from the kitchen.

“HELLO!” The voice was unfamiliar and finally broke my state of concentration. Glancing around the wall to the foyer, I saw the person at the door was a delivery man, not my son! With a look of incredulity he said, “Your DOG just charged at me outside and won’t stop barking!”.

Realizing my error, I immediately begged forgiveness with a heartfelt “I am SO sorry”. Fortunately, the man was a dog lover and we shared a good laugh!

In future, before starting any project set an intention to stay aware of what’s occurring around you. Others will thank you for it!

A Mountain View for High Performance

When you think of athletes- are they operating in a conscious way when competing?

Take for example – athlete Canadian rower Adam van Koeverden – Gold medal winner of the 500m Kayak race at the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens.

Adam has maintained a status of excellence by winning19 World Cup gold medals between Olympics including every single 500 metre race. According to many, Adam was considered to be a ‘shoe in’ for the Gold medal in the 500m race and a strong contender in the 1000m at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
The Olympics are chock full of stories of surprise defeats. Adam’s story is a bit different being that he was the flag-bearer for Canada in Beijing. The media loves to report of a ‘curse’ on whoever carries the flag in opening ceremonies. And there is good evidence to support this notion of a flag-bearer’s “curse”. Decathlete Michael Smith (1992 Barcelona) was forced to withdraw with a hamstring injury, and figure skater Kurt Browning (1994 Lillehammer) finished a disappointing fifth. Charmaine Crooks (1996 Atlanta) ran to a disappointing 18th-place showing in the 800 metres, and moguls skier Jean-Luc Brassard (1998 Nagano) ended up fourth.

The job of carrying the Maple Leaf is assigned to only those athletes that are recognizable, respected and successful and 26 year old Adam fits the bill in all categories. Adam’s coach commented that it’s Adam’s hard work ethic and his ability to tolerate a lot of pain and discomfort that makes him a star.

So, what was going on between Adam’s conscious – unconscious alignment on a Friday in August 2008 in Bejing that lead him to an 8th place finish in the race he was expected to take home a gold medal in?

When interviewed after the disappointing loss, Adam was quoted as saying “Hitting the wall, being really tired is one thing. But watching guys I never lose to go by me, the first thing that went through my mind was, ‘What have I done?’ Crossing the finish line, I think I said it out loud: ‘What did I just do? Was I completely out of it the whole way? Was I hypnotized for three-and-a-half minutes?’ That’s what it felt like.”

Adam says that with almost every race, he doesn’t know if he can finish or not. That’s how hard he pushes himself out of his comfort zone.

The 2008 Olympics have very well taught Adam more about being an athlete than any other competition could possibly teach. A friend was quoted as saying, “Our time in the valleys helps us truly appreciate the views from the mountain tops.”

Be fortunate to have had some great mountaintop views in your life, and know there are more to come – nothing helps you appreciate victory more than failure.