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Authentically Speaking with NLP

Come to NLP Café on August 21, 2017

Authentically Speaking with NLP!

Do you speak for a living -OR – do you want to speak and don’t know how to get started?
Maybe you ENJOY speaking – or even LOVE speaking – yet hate the feelings of fear weeks, days and hours before you speak?

Back by popular demand! Join us at our next Authentically Speaking meetup August 21st, 2017.

Whether you speak professionally, in your job or in the comfort of your home…you’re speaking for an intention to communicate an authentic message from your heart.

The biggest roadblocks to speaking authentically are getting out of your head, speaking from your heart and – FEAR!

If you have a fear of

– Forgetting your lines …

– Losing your audience’s attention …

– Not knowing the answers to questions …

– Fumbling your words …

– Losing your emotional state in front of a live audience…

Then I know you’re going to love learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP training courses and workshops are where many speakers go to develop their skills on and off stage.

From using physical space, your voice and your body to anchor your story; building audience rapport; connecting with your audience at the unconscious level; engaging your participants’ imagination to keep their attention – NLP gives you the practical tools to improve these speaking skills and more!

When you attend the Authentically Speaking workshop you will improve your speaking skills in many different ways. Whether you have a story to share, want to inspire and motivate others, debate an issue, teach or give direction – or you just want people to listen to your point of view.

Secure your discounted $10 tickets here now! Or pay $20 CASH at the door.

This is for ALL levels of speakers. Whether you are just starting out – or you speak for a living ‘Authentically Speaking’ will give you tons of tangible practices you can use to improve your speaking skills – immediatelly. We provide a safe, supportive, confidential environment to practice with a live, lively and lovely group of people.

Mark your calendar now for these dates:
August 21, October 2, November 13, December 4, 2017

If you’ve ever dreaded the fear of speaking in front of a live audience then you DON’T want to miss NLP Café! August 21, 2017 ~ Authentically Speaking with NLP!

When you attend, you will have an opportunity to meet and network with kind, caring people like you who want to improve their lives and live their dream like you!

You will witness a demonstration and have a chance to meet with Jacquie Nagy, Speaker & International Trainer of NLP in person to ask questions about anything relating to NLP and the world of professional speaking.

NLP Cafe Winnipeg is entering its fifth year in 2017. Yup, five years! Try counting the number of Meetup groups that have started with good intentions and the leader quits or people quit attending. At NLP Café – we ‘NEVER Give UP!’  We started the NLP Café in 2012 and have held over 35 successful events! It’s time to celebrate!

`NEVER Giving up` is your key to success!

‘NEVER Give UP! Start Living Your Dream!’

Register NOW – NLP Café on August 21, 2017 for Authentically Speaking with NLP. Secure your space early as there is a limit to 20 people.

Tickets are discounted in advance – $10.00. Secure yours now!

COST IN ADVANCE: $10.00 (covers coffee, tea, nutritious snacks) Limited seats – purchase yours now!

COST AT THE DOOR: $20.00 CASH (covers coffee, tea, nutritious snacks, taxes)

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jacquie Nagy, Certified International NLP Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Look who’s talking about NLP Cafe: The Art of Self-Coaching


“Thought provoking!“

“Great experience to tap into your own mind.“

“It was useful to reveal things that I try to hide even from myself”

“I appreciate the simplicity and sincerity of delivery Jacquie, you made it a very pleasant experience.”

“Very timely topic in my life”

“Very educational, informative, great presentation”

“The experience will leave you wanting to learn more.”

“This session helped my thoughts calm down.”

“Great networking and meeting people.”

“I recommend it to people who want to overcome procrastination.”

“What I learned here today was a good tool to use in my relationship with others and to open my mind to creative thinking.”

“It is powerful!”

“It’s wonderful. Excellent!”

“NLP Cafe gave me many valued insights into public speaking”

“Great value. I’ll definitely come back!”

“WOW!!!! Very powerful interactive training/workshop. I will definitely be implementing this technique. I am so excited for the next NLP Cafe.”

“Wonderful learning, great people and a fun time! Thanks!”


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Grab your space now and SAVE $! Costs cover coffee, tea, tax and room rental. The cost is only $10.00 when you buy your ticket in advance.

The next NLP Cafe:  August 21, 2017, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Doors open at 6:45 pm.

Bring a friend, or two 🙂 They will be happy you invited them to join you on this amazing journey to speaking, sharing your story and living Your Dream Beyond the Dream.

I’m looking forward to working together and making 2017 Your Dream Come True Year!

All the best,

Jacquie Nagy


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Look Who’s Talking…

“My session with Jacquie was introspective and fun. With her help I came to some realizations about myself and we overcame some of my perceived limitations. I learned valuable tools that I will be implementing in my everyday life. I look forward to trying them in order to enhance my mood and general daily experience.”

— DL, Winnipeg

Look Who’s Talking…

“I’m so glad I connected with Jacquie as my business coach. She is so easy to speak with! Sessions started solely about business but we quickly dug out what were the main causes for being stuck and stagnating in work. Jacquie provided me with tools and set up some challenges for me that got me going in the direction I wanted with my work. It was one awesome experience!”

— Nidal Prasovic, Owner, Ice Orange Technology Corp.

Look Who’s Talking…

"As my coach, Jacquie helped me resolve very important problems related to my inner state and confidence. Jacquie helped me by finding and resolving some very deep inner conflicts affecting my state and my business in a negative way. As a result of my work with Jacquie I have created and successfully delivered two excellent business workshops for a large group of business leaders in Europe. And even more! After the workshops the same leaders engaged me for a six-month online training program for their teams and two more live workshops before end of the year. It means that I will double my income this year!"

-Irina Mikhalitsina, Marketing-MindSet Coach for Entrepreneurs,

Look Who’s Talking…

“I am thrilled to recommend Jacquie Nagy as a trainer.  Thanks to her, I have improved my body language, energy and rapport with others.  Her workshop was fun and full of enjoyable and rewarding exercises.  The lessons have remained with me since the workshop and I experience the benefits every day. ”

— Paul Hesse, Lawyer, Pitblado LLP

Look Who’s Talking…

“Initially I hired Jacquie as coach in an effort to improve my personal skills with HR management which inevitably lead me to enroll in the classic code NLP practitioner course. I found the course very interesting with many practical applications.I would highly recommend the course to any manager or individual knowledge seeker for that matter. One cannot have enough tools in the tool kit!Jacquie is a passionate coach and her knowledge and understanding and mastery of NLP becomes very obvious in the way that she teaches her students. I would recommend NLP and Jacquie to both high level professionals as well as individuals who are seeking new and interesting approaches.”

— Kelly Holmes, Executive Director, Resource Assistance for Youth (RAY), Winnipeg, Canada

Look Who’s Talking…

“Jacquie is one of the best NLP coaches and trainers! She helps you find and use abilities you had and help yourself to find and understand yourself and plan your life successfully. She is fantastic...I trust her unconditionally. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a trustworthy coach and trainer.”

— Aikaterini Zegeye Gebrehiwot, Portrait Artist at ystaris

Look Who’s Talking…

“I so appreciate Jacqueline's gifts and insights throughout my NLP sessions. She has helped me identify feelings and given me effective and valuable tools to work with. She excels in her abilities and her warmth, sensitivity, and heightened intuition are a blessing to all. Thank you for this valuable experience and I look forward to working with you again!”

— Angie Hughesman, Customer Training and Support, TelPay Inc

Look Who’s Talking…

“I so appreciate Jacqueline's gifts and insights throughout my NLP sessions. She has helped me identify feelings and given me effective and valuable tools to work with. She excels in her abilities and her warmth, sensitivity, and heightened intuition are a blessing to all. Thank you for this valuable experience and I look forward to working with you again!”

— Deborah Smith, Essence Yoga

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