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Are you seriously committed to creating a major change in your life? Is life coaching for you?

I am so excited that you are here!… and if you are like me getting started on a daily basis is what breeds success into your life. I want to help you the best way I can in every way I can.

To do that the best place to start is identifying where you are right now in terms of your life and your mindset so that we can hit the ground running.

So check out each of the following profiles – identify which one you are – and when you have take the first step by taking some action as a way of us starting on the path ahead of getting to know each other – there is no obligation with anything you decide to do… it is about finding the best ways for you to get the most immediate value.

“I’m a Women Aged Between 35-65 & I’m Looking For Changes In My Life Right Now”

First things first. Congratulations on realising that change needs to happen. You are probably wondering what are the best ways to make these changes – or how do I get help? These changes may be things that are limiting you (including yourself), you do not feel authentic in your actions, you are suffering from a lack of confidence, or you want to improve your relationships. Or perhaps you are wanting tools and strategies that can help you take your life to another level – so that you can live to your true potential.

And you know what! If you were like me you probably don’t know where to start with making the changes you want in your life – fast!

What you need right now are strategies and tools that are going to make sure you shift anything that is standing in your way, get rid of the fears and start living the life you want.

This is a great place to be getting on board with Holistic Directions and what you must do right now is do something. If you haven’t already then make sure you are signed up for my Free CD ‘The Top 11 Tips on Getting Complete Life Success’ – this will get you started on the possibilities that are there for you.

If you want to take some serious action towards your goals then investing in the ‘Complete Life Success: Taking Your Life To Another Level’ product will give you everything you need to get what you want and break through any limiting beliefs that you can start applying immediately in your life from your home.

“I’m a Small Business Owner & I’m Looking For Strategies To Boost My Business and My Life”

I want to congratulate you on being one of a minority of people that take this road in life as I know from my own experience it is never easy wherever your business is. And whether you have been in business for a while or you are just starting up you are probably always looking for ways to improve your business with strategies and tools you can apply to get fast and effective results.

We are so enthusiastic about our businesses that we work all the hours we have – and try and balance our family lives too – and possibly end up being successful but not having time to enjoy it.

I am really pleased you are here because I have been there too and I know how you are feeling – you are probably feeling like the only way to take your business to the next level is by putting more hours in – and I also know what pressure that takes on us and those closest to us.

The best thing you are going to hear today is that there are strategic shifts you can make in your business and your life which will give you the freedom and the leverage to take your business to the next level and use your time, skills and knowledge more effectively so you can enjoy a weekend and a holiday AND keep your business growing.

I really want you to have that freedom and that lifestyle success right now. I hope that you take the time to not only sign up to for my Free CD ‘The Top 11 Tips on Getting Complete Life Success’ as this will help you work on a lifestyle level but also consider investing in my Business Coaching Practitioner Course … and if you prefer a one on one approach you might want to take the more direct route of coaching – so please contact us directly.

“I’m Looking Specifically For NLP Resources, Courses and Coaching”

If you already know the benefits of applying NLP to your life and you are looking for ways of continuing your journey then a massive welcome to Holistic Directions. You may or may not know that I trained directly with John Grinder and have spent over 300 hours training and assisting him in his work .

Whether you already have experience of NLP or you are brand new to the field there is one underlying principle in the whole field which is that you need to keep applying it to your life – it is not something you study and then move on to the next thing… NLP is a completely holistic approach.

If you are new and you want to get some firsthand experience about what the field of NLP can do for you make sure you are signed up to for my Free CD ‘The Top 11 Tips on Getting Complete Life Success’ as this will give you some examples of what NLP can do for you in your life. One thing I can tell you now is that you NEED to experience NLP to really learn how to use it to the fullest. If you are in the area you should come to our NLP Café which is a bi-monthly evening session where you can experience NLP, learn some NLP tools and start applying them in your life.

If you already have some or more experience in NLP and you want to develop your skills then again I would suggest that if possible you attend my NLP Café evenings or if you feel like you are ready and you want to attend my next ‘NLP Practitioner Training Course’ then get yourself registered for that event soon.


Have you made a promise to yourself for this action to occur within the next month, 3 months or 6 months?

If you are like me there’s a dream in your heart to be living the life you want.

You’ve read some books and you’ve even made some changes.

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The evidence is … “In 2010, slightly more than 1 in 4 Canadian workers described their day-to-day lives as highly stressful” Stats Canada, General Social Survey (GSS).

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Part of my mission here in Canada is to pass on the NLP tools I learnt and give them to others so they could use them so people can benefit from them massively.

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Look Who’s Talking…

“My session with Jacquie was introspective and fun. With her help I came to some realizations about myself and we overcame some of my perceived limitations. I learned valuable tools that I will be implementing in my everyday life. I look forward to trying them in order to enhance my mood and general daily experience.”

— DL, Winnipeg

Look Who’s Talking…

“I’m so glad I connected with Jacquie as my business coach. She is so easy to speak with! Sessions started solely about business but we quickly dug out what were the main causes for being stuck and stagnating in work. Jacquie provided me with tools and set up some challenges for me that got me going in the direction I wanted with my work. It was one awesome experience!”

— Nidal Prasovic, Owner, Ice Orange Technology Corp.

Look Who’s Talking…

"As my coach, Jacquie helped me resolve very important problems related to my inner state and confidence. Jacquie helped me by finding and resolving some very deep inner conflicts affecting my state and my business in a negative way. As a result of my work with Jacquie I have created and successfully delivered two excellent business workshops for a large group of business leaders in Europe. And even more! After the workshops the same leaders engaged me for a six-month online training program for their teams and two more live workshops before end of the year. It means that I will double my income this year!"

-Irina Mikhalitsina, Marketing-MindSet Coach for Entrepreneurs,

Look Who’s Talking…

“I am thrilled to recommend Jacquie Nagy as a trainer.  Thanks to her, I have improved my body language, energy and rapport with others.  Her workshop was fun and full of enjoyable and rewarding exercises.  The lessons have remained with me since the workshop and I experience the benefits every day. ”

— Paul Hesse, Lawyer, Pitblado LLP

Look Who’s Talking…

“Initially I hired Jacquie as coach in an effort to improve my personal skills with HR management which inevitably lead me to enroll in the classic code NLP practitioner course. I found the course very interesting with many practical applications.I would highly recommend the course to any manager or individual knowledge seeker for that matter. One cannot have enough tools in the tool kit!Jacquie is a passionate coach and her knowledge and understanding and mastery of NLP becomes very obvious in the way that she teaches her students. I would recommend NLP and Jacquie to both high level professionals as well as individuals who are seeking new and interesting approaches.”

— Kelly Holmes, Executive Director, Resource Assistance for Youth (RAY), Winnipeg, Canada

Look Who’s Talking…

“Jacquie is one of the best NLP coaches and trainers! She helps you find and use abilities you had and help yourself to find and understand yourself and plan your life successfully. She is fantastic...I trust her unconditionally. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a trustworthy coach and trainer.”

— Aikaterini Zegeye Gebrehiwot, Portrait Artist at ystaris

Look Who’s Talking…

“I so appreciate Jacqueline's gifts and insights throughout my NLP sessions. She has helped me identify feelings and given me effective and valuable tools to work with. She excels in her abilities and her warmth, sensitivity, and heightened intuition are a blessing to all. Thank you for this valuable experience and I look forward to working with you again!”

— Angie Hughesman, Customer Training and Support, TelPay Inc

Look Who’s Talking…

“I so appreciate Jacqueline's gifts and insights throughout my NLP sessions. She has helped me identify feelings and given me effective and valuable tools to work with. She excels in her abilities and her warmth, sensitivity, and heightened intuition are a blessing to all. Thank you for this valuable experience and I look forward to working with you again!”

— Deborah Smith, Essence Yoga

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