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Part of my mission here in Canada is to pass on the NLP tools I learnt and give them to others so they could use them so people can benefit from them massively.

When I used the NLP tools that I had learnt it was the beginning of a wonderful journey of self discovery, learning and personal development at a level that I had never experienced at any time in my life – I want you to benefit from these NLP tools too.

Whether you are new to NLP or you have worked with it before I would like to invite you to my NEW monthly NLP Cafe event which is held every month. The evening covers a topic of NLP including practical tools and techniques that you can use, takeaway and apply to your life, a Q&A session and an opportunity to speak to me personally on a 1 to 1 basis to answer any questions you might have.

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Every month I host a FREE webinar which cover a specific subject and tool that you can listen to, ask me questions and then start implementing in your life. Applied information – so you can benefit from them massively.

The webinars are designed and written so that you can take action whilst you are listening, get the support you need and ask the questions that come up as you go along. They are also a FREE resource for you along with my FREE Newsletter so that you can start experiencing the benefits we provide at Holistic Directions.

Its simple to sign up and you will be reminded before the webinar to attend. You will also have a recording that you can access afterwards for your reference. I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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2 Day Introduction to New Code NLP

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Come and learn and experience what NLP can do for you in this two day introductory course into New Code NLP. Perhaps you have read about NLP or heard about it on the Internet and want to find out more about what NLP can actually do for you in your life. If you have any experience or not you can come and spend time in a safe and friendly environment and really start experiencing and seeing the fast changes you can make immediately using the tools that Neuro Linguistic Programming Provides.

In this workshop you will learn techniques

  • To operate at a level of HIGH PERFORMANCE
  • Resolve issues from the past
  • Make better decisions
  • Overcome fears and change behaviours
  • Access new behaviours that are a better match with your higher intentions
  • Make changes in your life and positively impact the lives of those around you
  • Create better relationships with those around you
  • Get out of your own way and lead the life you want

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NLP Intro Workshop

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Benefits of attending this course include improving your relationships both personally and professionally, more effective at goal achievement, an understanding of what holds people back from getting what they want and how to breakthrough those barriers, tools for self application so you can begin to make the changes you want in your life.
This course is intended to provide a varied and experiential platform for learning. The environment will be a safe and accepting one that respects others differences. You will have many opportunities to learn by doing, to interact with the group and ask questions.

Many people working as agents of change will attend a foundational NLP course and use their new skills in their existing businesses, others become curious and will continue their studies by attending a practitioner course and some go to the level of master practitioner. Whatever level you want to achieve this course will provide you the foundation to get connected with your authentic self and get crystal clear on what you want in life.

Helping people achieve the excellence in life that they desire by planting the seeds to produce New Life Possibilities!

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3 thoughts on “Training & Events

  1. When and where will you be having your next New Code NLP practitioner training?


    • The next New Code NLP course is this August Cyd. If you want more details just pop me a message. Hope you can make it!