The Amazing Secrets To Rocket ALL Your Relationships Success

Do you ever feel like people close to you don’t always understand your perspective?… And your relationships suffer because of this… As the years go by in your relationships do you find that they are not as good and fun as you would like them to be? At times you might not see eye to eye or perhaps have recurring frustrations and arguments about the same things?

It might be with your partner…

It might be with your friends or family…

It might be with the people you work with…

You might want to deal with a toxic relationship at work or home – dissolving on-going arguments that go on in your life. You might want to add attraction and extra spice into existing relationships…You might want to design your ideal relationships.

The secret to having amazing relationships is about having simple strategies to see everything in every situation – from everyone’s perspective. Do You Want The Amazing Secrets To Rocket ALL Your Relationships Success?

In this month’s NLP Café I am going to take you through a process that is going to give you a completely different perspective on all the relationships you have – so that you can rocket their success. And whether you know NLP or not these NLP Cafés are tailored to give you every ounce of value… whether you have never heard of NLP or whether you have NLP experience.

And I want you to benefit too!


This month’s NLP Café is on March 21, 2012

Starting at 7.00pm – 9pm
..doors open at 6.30pm


NLP Café will be held at

Actors Training Centre of Manitoba (ATCMB) 502 – 62 Albert Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1E9
Parkade at 35 Albert Street


The evening agenda for NLP Café will be:

  • An introduction of NLP and how you can use it in your life
  • The Amazing Secrets To Rocket ALL Your Relationship Success– practical takeaway experiences
  • Q&A session – to answer anything that comes up
  • An opportunity to speak to me personally on a 1 to 1 basis to answer anything you want