Coaching Breakthrough Session

An intensive and private in-person breakthrough session is designed for solid change in a specific area of life. For example when you have beliefs that no longer support your higher values or you want to transform past personal history where obstacles may be holding you back – an exclusive breakthrough session may be the fix.

Events in the past can trigger patterns of behaviour that were helpful at the time – but today no longer serve you well and can in fact be holding you back. These patterns, habits and behaviours can be so strong and deeply ingrained they may in fact be detrimental to your happiness, your health and your overall wellbeing.

A full breakthrough session with Holistic Directions will quickly identify origins of specific behaviour obstacles and provide techniques that shift internal representations into more resourceful ones. Going forward, as you step into the contexts and situations where you felt fear, stuck or not yourself you will have new experiences that are more congruent with who you really are. You will notice yourself acting and behaving in a manner that aligns more closely with your desired outcomes and intentions.

During the session, you will be given tools to learn to coach yourself – to have autonomy in your own personal self development – because when you stop thinking about your life – YOU already know who you are – and what you really want, don’t you?

This means you have all the resources you need – you just need a coach who will show you how to get back into the driver seat so you can once again – or maybe for the first time ever – Be Yourself!

Your life is yours!
Take the helm and develop a partnership with the resources stored in you.

Learn to Be Yourself and live the life you really want!!

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